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Listed Real Estates

Listed Real Estates - Nineleven Ltd.

Public real estate securities are an integral part of a multi-asset class portfolio, offering attractive risk-adjusted returns, high current income yield, low correlation with other asset classes, enhanced diversification, and superior liquidity relative to direct real estate investment. Our investment philosophy is founded on the fact that real estate securities are not simply stocks, or real estate, but hybrid financial investments. As such, they are valued on a number of factors in addition to the value of the firm’s property portfolio, including critical business and market factors such as the company’s capitalization, its position within public capital markets, and quality of its management team. We continually evaluate and arbitrage pricing inefficiencies between a listed property company’s stock price and the underlying value of its real estate assets.

Private Equity Real Estate

Private Equity Real Estate - Nineleven Ltd.

Investment strategy seeks to target middle market, transitional assets that require an infusion of capital and operational expertise to enhance value. Our investment objective is to create core-like real estate by buying the raw materials of broken or mismanaged assets below replacement cost and aggressively executing value-add strategies to create cash flow durability. We believe this strategy of focusing on cost basis for assets facing limited appetite from capital sources and actively executing a business plan to produce an asset that will be in high demand will deliver the best possible risk-adjusted return.

We help our customers in investments in industrial, office, multifamily, retail, parking and hospitality through joint venture partnership with local operators. CenterSquare believes in partnering with local, experienced, real estate operators to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. CenterSquare invests across the value-add spectrum, including but not limited to: (i) building renovation, expansion and redevelopment; (ii) lease-up of vacant space; (iii) aggressive increase of rental rates in recovering markets; (iv) repurpose or conversion of use; and (v) reposition and turnaround. In addition, CenterSquare will pursue the real estate of failing operating companies, debt-for-control of underlying real estate, and other higher alpha generating strategies. CenterSquare will also target owners of real estate such as banks, special servicers, insurance companies, private equity companies, corporations, and municipalities.


Infrastructure - Nineleven Ltd.

The listed infrastructure universe is composed of publicly traded companies that manage infrastructure assets, including those involved with electricity, oil and gas, water, communications, and transportation. These companies own or develop long-term real assets, which facilitate the flow of energy, electricity, people and trade globally. These assets are vital to economies worldwide and many are materially underfunded and/or underdeveloped. We believe this presents a distinct opportunity to invest in a liquid alternative asset class that is poised for growth, driven by both economic and secular trends that we believe will produce an attractive return on investment.

Investment strategy seeks high quality infrastructure companies with sustainable earnings and growth prospects that are trading at attractive valuations. We focus on real assets with strong cash flow visibility, low direct commodity exposure, long duration contracts, and a steady long-term demand outlook.


Worldwide Food & Wine Meetings and Events

Worldwide Food & Wine Meetings and Events - Nineleven Ltd.

Nineleven Ltd. is also an agency specialised in marketing, organizing and managing events, exhibitions and PR for the wine industry.

The reputation for constantly delivering high quality wine events coupled with its consolidated network of contacts with trade professionals and international press have lead it to become one of the most well regarded Italian wine event organisers in the world.

Whether you're a wine-producer or a wine-buyer, a wine professional or a wine writer, we are sure to have something on these pages which will interest you. If you are a company looking to host events on the market, make sure you drop us a line and we'll see how we can tailor a packaget to fit your needs.

If you're a wine writer, professional or just a lover of Italian wines, take a look over our events pages as we're sure to have something on the programme which will interest you in terms of wine courses, events, workshops or dinners. After all, life is too short to drink bad wine!