Nineleven in brief

Nineleven in brief - Nineleven Ltd.

At Nineleven, we stand with you, whether you’re an institutional investor, a financial advisor, or an individual guided by an advisor’s personalized advice.

We believe you achieve your highest likelihood of reaching your goals when you take a total-portfolio approach to investing. And we think there’s a definable list of capabilities required to manage total portfolios successfully:

Portfolio construction

Portfolio construction - Nineleven Ltd.

Strategic asset allocation is the primary ingredient in portfolio construction.

Whether you're an individual saving for retirement or an institutional investor trying to improve the funded ratio of your corporate plan, we think strategic asset allocation is the factor that will have the most impact on reaching those goals.


Capital markets insights

Capital markets insights - Nineleven Ltd.

Capital markets insights help us decide on the specific factor exposures within those allocations.

Do we want to overweight small cap? Do we want to underweight growth? Positions on these decisions requires deep insights into complex capital markets.

Capital markets are fast-paced and ever-changing. Along with the highly personalized and professional advice you can count on, we strive to keep you informed through global investment outlooks and investment trends from our highly-respected industry experts.

Investment Funds

Investment Funds - Nineleven Ltd.

Our fund lawyers have built up an excellent reputation within the industry, and we have set up several of the largest and most complex schemes in Malta. 

Apart from the legal setup of funds and asset management companies, we also offers a comprehensive yet bespoke service to fund managers – we set up funds in Malta, redomicile funds to Malta and we offer full project management services, coordinating third party service providers such as administrators, custodians, prime brokers and auditors.

As a full EU member state, Malta is becoming an increasingly popular choice of fund domicile and is achieving triple-digit annual growth in the fund industry, offering an onshore jurisdiction without the relatively high costs associated with other EU jurisdictions. Managers are choosing Malta when setting up new funds and are also re-domiciling existing funds to the island.

Wine Events

Wine Events - Nineleven Ltd.

We also organize wine events and wine tours all over the world. Our professional team can support your company in developing new markets and business strategies. Our travel organization can plan tour in the best wine regions of the world like Bordeaux, Tuscany, Napa Valley and many others satisfiyng any desire of your top customers that loves wine culture.